How are YOU?

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Today we’re asking: How are YOU?

World Mental Health Day is recognized each year on October 10th. The World Health Organization uses this day to raise awareness of mental health issues, and also boost support of organizations who support mental health programs. It’s about making sure that people can talk openly about their diagnosis, and fostering the idea that mental health care should be made a priority.

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A New Logo

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We’ve come a long way in one year, from a group of just 5 people wanting to tell everyone about TAPS, to a group of almost 200 people, including not only patients but doctors, researchers, family members, nurses, and care providers.

As we grew, we realized that we needed to also refresh our look, especially as we are being noticed, particularly with the publication of the “Dispelling Myths About TAPS” paper, as well as our continuing campaign to have MCA dopplers made a routine part of monochorionic pregnancy care.

So without further ado, our new logo can be revealed :

The full logo story will be published on our website soon, but for now, we would like to thank Jaap Fijen of Voyant One.

A New Logo