Let’s talk about the long term effects of TAPS.

long term effects of taps twins support

If we had to talk about the most frequently asked questions we get about TAPS, this would have to be one of the most common.

What Are The Long Term Effects of TAPS?

It’s a complex question because we’re only beginning to understand TAPS, and the research on the long-term effects is new. There are also different forms of TAPS, and it’s important to know which type you had, as the long-term effects are different.

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Diagnosing TAPS

diagnosing TAPS support twin anaemia polycythemia sequence

Diagnosing TAPS is done one of 2 ways – before, or after birth. At the moment, a lot of cases are diagnosed after birth, because MCA Dopplers are still not mandatory, and a lot of professionals refuse to do them yet. The evidence is there that they save lives, we have treatment protocols, and yet we’re still fighting to have them as part of our routine care.  Frustrating, right?

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