A letter to Autumn.

Autumn's Legacy

A year has passed since we said goodbye, and so much has happened.  I wanted to write to you today to tell you more about your story, and why we are passionate about Autumn’s Legacy

You are loved and will always be loved.

We miss you every day, and your sisters are sweet and spirited little girls. When I look at Leighton, I know I also see you with her.

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Talking TAPS With Twiniversity

talking taps with twiniversity

Did you catch Stephanie talking with Natalie Diaz about TAPS on Twiniversity earlier this month? They sat down to talk all things TAPS, and help bust some myths, as well as talk about the important stuff you need to know.

Watch the full interview here: Learn About TAPS With Twiniversity.

Want more information about TAPS, or want to connect with a community of families who have been there? Join our Facebook group, or get in touch.

Twiniversity is a fantastic online resource for parents of multiples, sharing stories, creating resources and giving great information about all things multiple. Follow them on Facebook here.

15 Research Milestones For Twin Anemia Polycythemia Sequence (TAPS)

taps research milestones twin anemia polycythemia sequence

Welcome to International TAPS Day! Today we’re highlighting the incredible, ground breaking research that has been done over the past 15 years into Twin Anemia Polycythemia Sequence, and discovering more about what the future holds for TAPS research. We’ll be breaking down myths, sharing facts, marking milestones and celebrating the research that has been done into TAPS. Let’s celebrate TAPS research!

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