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We love to connect with different people and share our enthusiasm and experience with audiences, bringing new perspectives to people.

Our passions drive our advocacy and determination to raise awareness about TAPS, and we engage audiences with our unique styles and spark conversations about TAPS awareness.

Meet our Speakers

Stephanie Ernst-Milner

stephanie ernst milner taps twins support speakers

From her native Australia to the Netherlands, Stephanie’s passion for TAPS awareness and advocacy have been central to her life since her own girls’ diagnosis in 2013.

She moved from writing a popular blog and channelled her energy into helping others connect through a TAPS diagnosis. She brings a unique sense of humour and a different outlook on how patients take the news of a serious diagnosis.

Speaking topics

  • Creating Communities – When you think you’re alone, you’re probably not. Finding your village, and if it doesn’t exist, you create it.
  • What Patients Really Want to Know – Breaking down the barriers in Doctor-Patient relationships.
  • My Own TAPS Story – from diagnosis to delivery and beyond.