Why do we need TAPS related resources?

We all need a helping hand and the right information to get us through a TAPS diagnosis and beyond. TAPS Support is dedicated to providing quality information, in an easy to understand and accessible way for all parents of monochorionic twins. No more gatekeepers of the information, just facts, and support to advocate for the care you need.

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Image used with permission from Gautier Scientific Illustration and the LUMC Fetal Therapy Team and may not be used or reproduced without their permission.

We create downloads for you to help you understand the testing you need and the reasons why you need these. We will also make open access journal article available to you as we can get them. We also back what we say with citations, and ensure we’re up to date with the latest research. We’re proud social media warriors, sharing our information across several platforms. TAPS resources are vital to parents, researchers, doctors, and carers alike.

Why Should Your MFM Be Your BBFF?

There are endless, comprehensive lists of what tests you need to ask for, and equally complex descriptions of why you need them. For us, you don’t need complex explanations – you need access to the information so you can advocate appropriately. That’s why we created the “Is Your MFM Your BBFF?” campaign. There are 4 crucial checks that need to be done for monochorionic twins during your pregnancy, preferably from 16 weeks onwards. Brain, Bladder, Fluid and Flow is an easy to remember mnemonic that takes you through your pregnancy. No endless lists, just a simple phrase!

Keeping TAPS Resources Current

Through our extensive network and good relationship with researchers, we keep our knowledge fresh and up to date. As new research comes out, we read it, update our knowledge and make sure that our followers know about it. When you’re up to date, it’s easier to advocate and get the right care.

Strategic Partnerships

We pride ourselves on an extensive network of not only researchers and care providers, but partner with organizations with similar values and aims to our own. These partnerships mean that we can share knowledge and resources, and provide essential support to our own growing community. We are an extended family and know that we have limitations in some areas. This is where our amazing resources come in, in the form of our partner organizations. From grief support to assistance, to charities, we want to cover you.

If you’re interested in partnering with us, contact us.