TAPS Support Mission

The mission of TAPS Support is simple:

To empower all parents of monochorionic twins to advocate for appropriate care backed by the latest research.

Our Vision

A standardized, routine set of guidelines adopted around the world for diagnosing and caring for monochorionic twin pregnancies, and making TAPS education a priority for all involved.

Our Difference

You’ve probably found our website because you entered “What is TAPS?” into a search engine, and found a lot of information with technical jargon, and some scientific studies, and probably a few pages explaining everything in medical terms.

Our page is different, and our mission is simple.

Having twins isn’t always black and white.

We will help you ask the right questions. We want to bring you the latest research and information about TAPS. We want to help you advocate for appropriate care and support. We want you to know you’re part of a community. We will connect you with the right networks, and most importantly, we will be a bridge between the research world and patients.

Our Manifesto

  • We raise awareness for Twin Anemia Polycythemia Sequence, a disease that is often misunderstood, misdiagnosed, and unfortunately too often, a missed diagnosis.
  • We empower families to ask questions, advocate for care and for treatment, and to understand their diagnosis.
  • We encourage open, frank discussion about monochorionic pregnancies and their challenges.
  • We take medical jargon and turn it to everyday language so it is easy to understand.
  • We believe in making positive, effective changes in the way monochorionic pregnancies are handled and treated.
  • We connect members with information, quality care providers and a support network of caring individuals.
  • We are volunteers with a shared passion and inspired by our own personal journeys, we advocate for not only the minimum standard of care but a superior standard of care.
  • We share one ideal – no one should be alone in their diagnosis. We are the faces of TAPS – survivors, losses, researchers, parents, and advocates.

TAPS is Real.

taps support mission twin anaemia polycythemia sequence twins