We’ll be honest – Donations are what keeps TAPS Support running.

We are registered as a not-for-profit organization in the Netherlands. This means that all funds we raise are used solely for the purpose we raise them for – research and support. We don’t pay a director to oversee the show, we don’t pay our board members or our advisory panel – we are all true volunteers who do this out of passion.

We’re also transparent. We publish our annual report each year and tell you exactly where your donations go, and what we plan to do with them. It’s your money, after all, and you have a right to know.

Where Do Donations To TAPS Support Go?

Our advocacy website is funded solely by donations. All the information and resources provided on our site are provided by volunteers. To keep providing these resources, if you’ve been happy with the information we’ve provided, we’d love a small donation from you to make sure we can keep this going!

Through The TAPS Support Foundation, we also raise funds to support TAPS research and researchers.

We are registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under KVK number 78249333


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Donations can be made to the following bank accounts:

Bank Details

ING Bank N.V. 
Foreign Operations 
PO Box 1800 
1000 BV Amsterdam

Account Details

Name: Stichting TAPS Support
Bank Account number: 6430393
Swift Code: INGBNL2A
IBAN: NL35 INGB 0006 4303 93

Bank Transfer Worldwide

We can accept donations in many currencies. Get in touch if you need these details! We are not able to accept donations in INR)

At this stage we do not hold ANBI status within the Netherlands.

Fundraising Opportunities

Got a fantastic fundraising idea for Stichting TAPS Support? Contact us so we can collaborate together. From promoting your event to sharing ideas and bringing them to life, we’re definitely interested in connecting.