A TAPS Story From South Africa: Emily and Aimee


We would like to thank the Cowan family for sharing Emily and Aimee’s TAPS story. To find out how you can help support the family, please click this link, or scroll to the bottom of the page.

2020 was a big year.  Covid came and took over all our lives.  And it is in these Covid times that Emily and Aimee’s TAPS story began.

After blood tests and double-checking, I had to tell my husband that I am pregnant again at 43.  We already have two teenagers at this stage of 11 and 13.  There was no laughter and cheering, just three weeks of tears.  After I went to the doctor for the first time, another two weeks of tears because we found out it was twins – MODI twins.

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Kitty & Willow: How A Diagnosis Changes Everything.

kitty and willow

After coming out of NICU with my twin girls in one piece but my mental health in tatters, I looked forward to a life for my twins with tentative positivity. I hoped that the white knuckle ride of multiple pregnancy was behind me. I avoided all the twin and multiples groups I had joined because, in all honesty, I was afraid of what I would read and the trauma it would bring up in me.

This is my story of how advocating for a different diagnosis helped me to heal.

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TAPS Support Fast Five: Dr Jeanine van Klink

fast five jeanine van klink

Welcome to a new series of blog posts by TAPS Support. Our team is passionately following research, but we felt it was time to dive deeper into the stories of the people behind Twin Anemia Polycythemia Sequence. It’s time to introduce the TAPS Support Fast Five, and this week we’re introducing Dr. Jeanine van Klink.

In this series, we talk to the researchers and doctors who have dedicated their lives to researching TAPS and other diseases affecting monochorionic twins.

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Let’s talk about the long term effects of TAPS.

long term effects of taps twins support

If we had to talk about the most frequently asked questions we get about TAPS, this would have to be one of the most common.

What Are The Long Term Effects of TAPS?

It’s a complex question because we’re only beginning to understand TAPS, and the research on the long-term effects is new. There are also different forms of TAPS, and it’s important to know which type you had, as the long-term effects are different.

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