Drawing Differently: How Medical Illustrations Can Impact Your Diagnosis.

drawing differently medical illustrations taps support

A diagnosis isn’t always an easy thing to get, especially when it’s a difficult one.  You can be bombarded with information, and sometimes this can be difficult to process, especially when you can’t visualize what the problem is. That’s where illustrations become essential to telling a story.  The adage of “A picture paints a thousand words” becomes even more vital in helping patients understand their diagnosis and the procedure around them.

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TAPS Support Fast Five: Dr Jeanine van Klink

fast five jeanine van klink

Welcome to a new series of blog posts by TAPS Support. Our team is passionately following research, but we felt it was time to dive deeper into the stories of the people behind Twin Anemia Polycythemia Sequence. It’s time to introduce the TAPS Support Fast Five, and this week we’re introducing Dr. Jeanine van Klink.

In this series, we talk to the researchers and doctors who have dedicated their lives to researching TAPS and other diseases affecting monochorionic twins.

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The New TAPS Staging System

new taps staging system

As you know, research into Twin Anemia Polycythemia Sequence (TAPS) is an evolving part of science and the medical world.  For a disease described only 15 years ago, we know more about it than ever, including things like the long term effects and international trials are working on finding the best treatment for it.  Of course, as we understand more about TAPS, the diagnosis and treatments become more refined. So let’s look at the new staging system for TAPS, and talk a little about why it’s here, and also a little about the history of it.

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One bad MCA doppler means…

one bad ma doppler means

The team here admit to one thing – we’re so passionate about getting MCA dopplers done that we push and push and push information at you, and tell you you MUST get them done.  We give you the tools to advocate and help you with wording and help bust those myths about TAPS screening.  And then, all of a sudden, you get one bad MCA doppler, and everything seems so dramatic.

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