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Happy Holidays

It’s the time of year when we start wishing each other Happy Holidays. It’s about family, and about memories – creating new ones, and also reflecting on the past.

Over the past year, our group has grown, and we’ve had many families join us. All have different stories, with different outcomes. We’ve all celebrated success together, and mourned the losses. Through TAPS, we have become a family ourselves.

We think it’s important to provide people with easy to understand information about their diagnosis and journey. Empowering people to know what to ask for when they are first diagnosed, and also understand what their journey will be like.

No matter the outcome, our members should feel welcomed and respected. Each person in our family is valued.

It’s time for you to meet some of our family members.

This year, 17 families offered their pictures and just part of their story for our holiday video. You can meet them below in our “Happy Holidays” video.

From our family to yours, a safe and festive holiday season

Happy Holidays

From our amazing, wonderful, slightly dysfunctional but always welcoming family, TAPS Support wishes you a happy holiday period, and a safe, prosperous and awesome 2020.

While all our families are incredible, we would like to thank these families for sharing their photos to make this video:

  • The Norbury Family
  • The Dugger Family
  • The Bentz Family
  • The Lillington Family
  • The Brown Family
  • The Hristianovici Family
  • The Sybert Family
  • The Spiesz Family
  • The Lillquist Family
  • The Springer Family
  • The Campbell Family
  • The Pirie Family
  • The Clarke Family
  • The Ernst Family
  • The Goodyear Family
  • The Nicholas Family
  • The Berkowitz Family