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Introducing the BBFF Challenge

We introduced last week our new way of remembering what tests you need at appointments – Make your MFM your BBFF, and always make sure that they’re checking the brain, bladder, fluid and flow of each baby. Now, it’s time to issue our BBFF challenge!

What’s the BBFF challenge?

We want to make sure that Brain, Bladder, Fluid, and Flow mantra spreads around, and becomes a normal part of the conversation between doctor and patient. So we’re establishing a social media challenge, and we can’t make it more simple than this.

If you’re an existing patient

Post a picture on your favorite social media channel of you and your BBFF MFM. Tag them, tag their practice, tag us and use the hashtags #myMFMismyBBFF #brainbladderfluidflow #tapsisreal . We want to know how awesome your MFM is, so don’t be shy.

(You can also post a pic of yourself if you’re looking for an MFM – use #IneedanMFMBBFF #brainbladderfluidflow #tapsisreal )

If you’re an MFM who loves BBFF

We want to hear from you! Make a post and tag us. Use the hashtags #IamyourBBFFMFM #brainbladderfluidflow #tapsisreal. We want to recognize you and make sure the world knows that you give awesome care to your patients

MFM BBFF brain bladder fluid flow taps support twin anaemia polycythemia sequence TTTS SIUGR
We’re pretty sure this is not your BBFF MFM.

Building trust between doctor and patient.

This week alongside our fun challenge, we’re wanting to build on the “BBFF” part of the whole doctor-patient relationship. It’s fun to say that your MFM is your best buddy, but the reality is that there are so many walls between patients and doctors – sometimes it’s walls of jargon, sometimes walls of authority, and a lot of the time, walls of trust. (Some of our team even worked on a paper about this.)
Later this week we’ll talk about the importance of trust in the doctor-patient relationship from both a professional, and a patient perspective.

But to start with, let’s have some fun with the BBFF challenge. Is your MFM your BBFF? Show us! Are you an MFM BBFF? We want to meet you!