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Meet our team! We are the faces behind TAPS Support, making sure we give you the most up to date information. Find out more about us, and what drives our passion.


Founder and Facebook Group Admin
Lauren is a professor at D’Youville College in Buffalo, NY. Her research focuses on monochorionic twinning, particularly the quality and quantity of antenatal care monochorionic patients receive and factors influencing disparities. Lauren’s work often highlights gaps in monochorionic antenatal care and her work with TAPS Support is one of her many branches of advocacy aimed at improving care for this population. Lauren is also a proud mom to Cindy and Beverly (monochorionic twins), Viola, Grant, and Hazel. She enjoys her horses and lots and lots of coffee.

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Founder and Facebook Group Admin
Better known as the “mother of the TAPS twins”, Stephanie’s 2013 TAPS diagnosis, and the journey beyond became the focus of her blog – The Inbuggering Diaries. Never one to do anything by halves, her passion for talking and writing about TAPS annoys her husband and hopefully helps others on the same journey through her dedication and unique sense of humour. In 2020, she took this passion to the next level and formed the TAPS Support Foundation.
Stephanie’s skills in content creation and social media marketing take our communications to the next level.


Founder and Facebook Group Admin
Laurie is the mom of 2 sets of identical twins, a set of boys, and a set of girls. In her first pregnancy, she lost one of her boys to TTTS at 28 weeks, and in her second pregnancy, her girls developed spontaneous TAPS, which resolved on it’s own. Her passion for TAPS awareness and helping others is valuable to our Facebook community. Laurie is a qualified Licensed Educational Psychologist and therapist, providing valuable support to our network.